Credit Card Vs Mobile Payment

Dated: February 13 2017

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....................ever wonder how your credit card works, how it can be dangerous with each swipe, and is there a safer and more convenient way to pay?

Your credit card has a magnetic strip which you can visually observe. What information does this magnetic strip hold?: 1) your account # 2) Your name 3) expiration date of card. You pay for your gas outside at the pump, and you swipe your card to pay - - with this swipe you have turned over your information to the gas station owner...... it happens every time you pay at a grocery store and any other place you pay with your credit card. Each time you use your credit card online, your endangering your personal information.  So now your data is available to be stolen by HACKERS..... which can now make it problematic for you later in a BIG WAY......

The majority of Chinese people are utilizing a way to eliminate this problem of relinquishing their personal data. They don't pay near as much with cash or credit cards ...... they do the majority of their payments by their mobile phones!  Why are they paying with their mobile phones: 1) personal information can not be stolen (their account # and their name). So, it is safer . 2) They have found It to be much more convenient to pay with their mobile phones.

Traditional Credit Card/ Magnetic Strip/Chip v.s. Mobile Phone/ Token:

Traditional Credit Card/Magnetic Strip/Chip holds and exposes your name and account number each time the card is utilized (UNSAFE). Very inconvenient ... searching for your credit card in your wallet, pockets, purse, no swiping of the card (several times usually), no need to sign, and then returning it all back into it's proper place until the next purchase.  

Mobile Phone/ token payment makes it so that no one sees your name or your account number (SAFE).  How does it do it without exposing your personal data... a "token"  ( a number that is used once). Much more convenient - no searching for credit card or cash.....just hold your  phone over the credit card reader  and it's done immediately!

It is my opinion this is the new way of "payment" for security and convenience in America. 

Parker  Darr

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