Ugly Johns Boats In Gravois Mills

Dated: 05/25/2014

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Ugly Johns Custom Boats has launched Prestige and Jeanneau Yachts into Lake of the Ozarks at Westport Yacht Club. The Prestige line within the Jeanneau yacht family provides superior performance in a coastal cruising powerboat with an enduring nautical style, maximum living spaces, and virtually all of the amenities a real cruising couple or family could want. 
Prestige Yachts’ mission is to do it all at a price point significantly below its primary competition. The result is the Prestige 500S, a boat appreciated by veteran yachtsmen who know a price-worthy boat when they see one.
 To assure service worthy of the name, Ugly Johns has partnered with Steve and Jonathon Gill, the new owners of Westport Yacht Club, located at the 5MM of the Gravois Arm; P Road by land. Westport now boasts a rejuvenated full-service marina, complete with Volvo-certified technicians, ethanol-free marina fuel, diesel, and ample wet and dry boat slips to accommodate small and large vessels. Besides the name, Ugly Johns' uniqueness lies in the company’s position as a boutique service and sales center. John Mullen, better known as “Ugly John,” owns the national boat dealership based out of Afton, Okla. He brings 40 years of boating experience to the Lake of the Ozarks. Mullen has long had ties to the Lake; he was friends with the late Bob Morgan, owner of the Big Thunder Marine in Gravois Mills and world champion powerboat racer. Mullen purchased his first set of boats from the racing legend and helped Morgan start a successful Baja business. Mullen has won three national speed record titles, two national championships and a world championship in drag boats and offshore racing. But what about the name: Ugly Johns? "It stuck with me since before college,” Mullen grinned. "One of my buddies overheard his wife, who hated my haircut, say, ‘Ooh John, you're ugly.’ And that's all it took! My so-called 'friend' adopted the name and it stuck with my racing friends, my college buddies and, subsequently, my boat buyers.” Now, it is also the trademarked moniker of one of the most successful boat and RV sales operations in America: Ugly Johns Custom Boats & RV.

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